Our projects range from informational websites to complex content delivery portals utilizing cloud services from, Rackspace, and Amazon web services


Hussmann designs, manufactures, and installs commercial refrigeration for retailers throughout the US. Hussmann engineers were relying on disparate sources from Oracle database to Excel spreadsheets, to PDF spec sheets to collect specs and design the system. This was an effort to streamline the process by consolidating data from disparate sources into one source and provide the latest user interface for engineers to gather their data from one single source of truth.

   Hussmann Website

Foster Learning

Foster Learning App is a set of comprehensive tools for college professors to design assignments containing questions that require complex multi-step solutions. Using smart tablets like Android or iPad, students can download assignments available to them. The app allows students to make mistakes, and uses adaptive techniques to guide students back to the right path until the students arrives at the answer.

   Foster Learning Website


VidVerify is not just a website, it is a SaaS tool targeted toward the mortgage industry.  The tool, while interfacing with LOS’ (loan origination systems), tracks loans from application to closing and educates borrowers, on behalf of their mortgage companies, through timely delivery of short videos (which borrowers can watch at their convenience) at various milestones in the life cycle of a loan

Developed the entire application in PHP/MySQL using Code Igniter framework.

   VidVerify Website

Web Admin Tool

Web Admin Tool is a web companion for NarrativePRO users.  It complements the client application and adds tremendous value to it. Using the tool, a user adminstrator can manage licenses, customize individual fields as per company’s policies and workflows, and also keep a history of narratives generated in the field.

Developed the entire application in C#/.NET with SQL Server as the backend.

   NarrativePRO Web Administrative Tool


NarrativePRO is a flagship product of ProSoftware solutions.  It is a client tool that runs under Windows on laptops and tablets and allows EMS crew to capture run and patient information and turns that information into a narrative that can be fed into an ePCR system.

The application is developed in Visual Basic.  Data Dynamics has been maintainning this application for the client since March 2012.  An iPad version of this application is expected to come out soon.


NarrativePRO – iPad

Recently released by the customer, this is the iOS version of NarrativePRO that runs on iPad.  

The iPad offers two versions to users, Regular and Lite, with the former having all the features and based on entrprise pricing model, while the Lite version is currently free for users

  Classic Venture Partners Website

Contractor Website Services

Create from the ground up a new CMS for Contractor Website Services (CWS) and their customers. The sole purpose of the CMS is to store and manage content to be used in SEO by CWS. The Page Generator extension uses content from this CMS to produce thousands of HTML pages.

The CMS stores and manages content to be used in SEO by CWS. The Page Generator extension uses content from this CMS to produce thousands of HTML pages.

  Contractor Website Services

BizMed Toolbox

EHRpathwway is a healthcare consulting company that works with healthcare professionals in addressing heathcare regulations, and meaningful use of electronic healthcare records (EHR) and ellectronic medical records (EMR).

Data Dynamics suuccesully completed phase I of the Bizmed Toolbox, for EHRpathway, a portal designed to help heathcare practice managers get their practices NCQA certified to qualify for higher reimbursements while navigating the maze of government regulations.  Users can manage projects, upload documents, complete questionaires and get score related to their meaningful use of EHR/EMRs  Technologies Used: C#/.NET and MS SQL Server.
   Bizmed Toolbox


DynaLabs as a firm works with pharmaceutical companies and compounding pharmacies to outsource quality control through analytical testing of the raw materials. DynaLabs software automates workflows for DynaLabs as a firm from order entry to capturing and publishing of data to making the results available online to their customers. Data Dynamics has been maintaining the legacy DynaLabs 1.0 software ficing defects and providing enhancements for over a year. In the last 6 months, Data Dynamics has also started designing and developing various modules for the new DynaLabs 2.0 software.