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Tiffany Whitewolfprivate attorney

“We have been customers of Data Dynamics since January of 2015. We have found them to be a professionally run organization that gets the job done. We first used Data Dynamics on project basis. After we observed their work, we decided to hire them on a retainer (managed services). When implementing projects for us, they always kept to the estimates they provided us before the start of the project. We have been using their managed services for the past 3 months. During this time, they have set us up in their ticketing system, added cloud back for disaster recovery of our server, taken ownership of dealing with our phone vendor, and streamlined onboarding of new employees in so far as IT Services are concerned.”

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We were working with another vendor to develop our software product but were not able to get the desired results. When we hired Data Dynamics to replace that vendor, they were able to understand our business objectives right away and developed a SaaS product for us which we were able to take to the market. Data Dynamics understands how to develop software and their resources know how to ask the right questions, know when to give pushbacks, alert us of pitfalls that may lie ahead. They do an excellent job of identifying, prioritizing, and tracking defects, change requests, and enhancement requests. Data Dynamics manage schedules effectively. They typically provide tentative timelines in each SOW and then stick to it. Overall Data Dynamics is a very reliable organization. They bring a very professional and mature approach to the table that includes responsiveness, timely communication, predictability as key components into customer relationship. They know how to handle changing directions, while remain focused on the end goal.

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Data Dynamics created and maintained our “custom” built server which stores sensitive information for our accounting and tax clients. With 2 offices in 2 cities and clients all over the nation, this is extremely important and beneficial for our firm. They also stay practive to new security measures and necessary needs for our business and for our clients. Compared to other IT companies, hands down, this has been the longest lasting and beneficial relationship in history for us, of which others don’t compare. I highly recommend considering Data Dynamic’s team and solutions if you are in the market for an IT company!

Lisa CotnerCEO