We define our success by the success of our customers

Data Dynamics was founded with the main purpose to help client companies succeed. Our goal is to partner with our clients and help them achieve their business objectives. Whether the business objective is to improve bottom line and become more profitable, or increase market share, clients rely on us to provide our expertise in helping them achieve their goals.

While most of our competitors focus on key areas of technology such as .NET development, Sharepoint integration, etc., we bring a totally technology agnostic approach to your business. It is only after understanding your business objectives, that we try to align your business strategy with what the technology world has to offer. Our consultants bring with them the necessary experience, a combination of solid technology background with the right business understanding to address clients’ myriad business problems.

Creating sustainable competitive advantage!

Being technology agnostic also implies vendor independence, which means the end-product which we deliver is customized to best fit your business needs. Having the necessary expertise, we can evaluate various technology options against your business requirements and select and/or develop solution to help your business gain a competitve advantage over your rivals in the most cost effective manner possible. At Data Dynamics, we are your partner in the true sense of the word

Technology Agnosticism, What Does It Mean?

At Data Dynamics, we very strongly believe that technology is not an end, but a means to an end. To this effect, our focus remains on our client’s business goals, applying technology – where it makes sense – to achieve our clients goals in the most cost effective manner possible.

Our clients, therefore, never find us, selling any particular technology solution without a proper assessment. Our assessment typically includes understanding client’s business need, evaluating competing technology solutions against the need, and finally matching client’s need with the best solution available. And the best solution may not always be the most cutting edge technology, but one that provides the best return on client’s investment dollars.

From hardware/software selection to mobile computing and Cloud based solutions, clients rely on us to find the best possible answer to their business problems. Once clients start working with us, they automatically gain access to our network of reliable partners whose products and services can be made available to them only if it makes business sense. Clients. therefore, do not have to deal directly with sales people from different technology vendors, whose very objective is to meet their sales quota for the given period.